Unique Art and Fun Gifts Just Outside of Zion

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A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to spend a few days hiking in Zion National Park with my boys.  If you're into hiking you should definitely plan a trip to Utah!  While there, I found this wonderful little gallery in town and am so excited to have my jewelry in this little gem!

Joy Craft & Design Shop 

Here's a little about the shop and owner, Joy:

How long has Joy Craft & Design been opened? 
I opened the store in March 2013. This month marks my 5th anniversary!

Joy Craft & Design cards

What was the motivation behind opening your store?  
At the time, I had a good job but my creativity only fit into after hours and that wasn’t enough. I was at a friend’s party in the process of mulling over life change options and spoke with my friend, Greg, who's a musician. He said, “Why not leap?” So I put the fear and all the other stuff behind me and decided to try my hand at retail. I also tried my hand at being an entrepreneur for the first time.

 interior of Joy Craft & Design 

When did you start offering Beth Jewelry to your customers? 
Hmmm. Beth walked into my shop in 2015 with her son. I think we hit it off and thus began a good relationship for us both. Interestingly, the customer who bought the first Beth Jewelry item (a teardrop earring) from the shop is my new employee and dear friend, Val Wenz.

 Beth Jewelry heart necklaces

What are the hottest selling items in your store? 
Right now that’s a keep it wild t-shirt or sticker. It’s Spring Break around the country. The hottest item changes seasonally with the changing customer demographic.

Joy Craft & Design Pottery 

What initially attracted you to Beth Jewelry? 
Simple and elegant designs for every day wear. It’s something you love and don’t take off.

What is the best-selling Beth Jewelry piece you offer? 
Tiny Hearts necklaces in all finishes.

Beth Jewelry tiny heart necklaces

What is something you love about working with Beth Jewelry? 
While an absolute pro, Beth is friendly, approachable and genuine. These are the people I like working with and making every effort to stay in touch and get them results from sales. It’s a relationship. We work for each other.

Beth Jewelry studs 

Describe your brand in 6 words or less. 
Unique, Local, Handmade Art and Fun Gifts (if you don’t count articles :))

Joy Craft & Design hands

Go check them out when you're in the area!

Joy Craft & Design
932 Zion Park Blvd. 
Springdale, UT  84767 
(435) 359-3845 
Currently open every day from 10-6 and 10-7 on Saturdays.
We expand hours as the daylight grows.

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