Stud Simplicity

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Super Studs!

stud simplicity on wood background

Add a tiny bit of style

Feel a great deal of cuteness!

You'll love the comfort of these new stud earrings!  They're the perfect tiny accessory to go from the gym, to carpool, to the office, out to lunch, off to dinner, the soccer game, the beach, and beyond!    

There's lots of choices, so you can pick a different style for every mood.  Each pair is made by hand with love and care and with subtle nuances that make them unique.  They are available in sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled or rose gold-filled.

A little bit edgy, a lot of style,

Lightning Bolts Studs...


Minimalism with an artistic edge for those moments when you want something subtle, yet unique.  Can be worn with big bold prints or look great in a simple, minimalist way,

Tiny Bolt Studs...


These little post earrings are so versatile!  You can mix-n-match, or double them up...if you have a second hole in your ear, wear them in both! 

Basics that can be mixed and matched,

Spiral Studs...


Made to coordinate with our Petals collection,

Petal Studs...

They go with everything and add just enough cuteness to make you feel put-together without feeling over-dressed for any occasion.  And to go with all of your favorite heart necklaces,

Heart Studs...


 Perfect geometric studs for a clean, modern look,

Triangle Studs

Understated elegance, the ultimate in simplicity. You won't have to think about what you're wearing at all.  They are eye catching in a minimalist way.

Circle Studs

They're anything, but basic. Grab yourself a pair of these simple studs.  Add a tiny bit of style, and a great deal of cuteness.

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