Rose Gold Treasures!

rose gold

I'm super excited to introduce some of my most popular designs in rose gold!

rose gold collection

I've offered several styles in mixed metals: silver and gold; silver and rose gold; or silver, rose and gold.  Now, I'll be offering an option of all rose gold-filled, as well.  These are perfect for layering with other metals too!

Check out some of these new styles!

rose gold 3 tiny petals necklace:

rose gold 3 tiny petals necklace

rose gold tiny heart necklace:

rose gold tiny heart necklace

rose gold fringe bar necklace:

rose gold fringe bar necklace

rose gold 2 star necklace:

rose gold 2 small stars necklace

rose gold & pink pyrite blossom necklace:

rose gold blossoms necklace

And introducing some new rose gold-filled spiral stud earrings:

I'll be adding rose gold-filled options to many other styles.  If you run across a specific design that doesn't offer that option yet, please feel free to make a request!  Just send me an email at

Happy treasure hunting:)

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