Customized Heart Necklaces for Mom

These necklaces here represent so many lovely personal stories! I hear from people all the time about what a particular necklace symbolizes to them. Usually the hearts represent the love for family or friends, often for children.

 tiny heart necklaces

I offer these necklaces in standard designs with one, two and three hearts, but I also have an option on the website to “add a heart” to certain styles, so you can customize these for your own special meaning. .

A while back, I made a necklace with 2 tiny hearts for a customer. Last week I got this frantic message from her:

“Hi Beth!

I’m so so so upset. I haven’t been able to find my necklace. I’ve looked everywhere. That necklace is everything to me. My security blanket so to speak. I don’t feel complete without it. I know I’ll never be able to replace it, but I need another one.  I’m a disheveled basket case without it. 😥😔”

She went on to say:

“ symbolizes so many things to me...

My love for my children {one heart for each} 

My friendship and love for my best friends, Stacy & Susan.”

She ended up finding her necklace!

and said this:

“I now feel complete again! 6 whole days without it. 😥😥😥😥😥😥


We all want to give a gift that means this much, that is deeply personal, that lets that person know how much you care about them.  I am so happy to supply these necklaces to people for gifting!  I love to know that they're making someone happy!  Take a look at the heart collection here.  Maybe you'll find one for a beautiful Mother in your life!

You can order these styles for Mom:

Beth Jewelry tiny heart necklaces for mom

or customize one of these:

Beth Jewelry customize-able handmade heart necklaces

or these:

Beth Jewelry handmade mixed metal heart jewelry for Mom

You can't go wrong with a sentimental, handmade gift!  Show her how much you care!

Mother's Heart Necklace,

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