Customize a Gift For Mom This Year

customized heart necklace mother's day

Mother's Day is coming!  Show your appreciation for her with a customized necklace.

Beth Jewelry is a favorite for easy, everyday wear with meaningful symbols and beloved shapes to inspire, comfort and spark joy.  The pieces are super lightweight and comfortable and make the perfect gift for moms and grandmothers with a heart to represent each child.

You can select a necklace with one, two, three or more hearts in your mom's favorite metal or combination of metals.

Here are some favorites:

Tiny Heart Necklace

Give mom a tiny symbol of your love that she'll wear every day.  You can pick her favorite metal or combination of them!

beth jewelry tiny sideways heart necklace

2 Hearts Necklace

These sweet hearts can symbolize mother and child, or just about any two people that love each other:)  It make a perfect gift!  There are several options for customizing this one, including versions in silver, gold, rose gold and mixed metal options.

beth jewelry  2 sideways hearts necklace

Or this 2 Sideways Hearts Necklace

Moms love this paperclip style chain on this pretty 2 heart necklace!  It's so lightweight!  Order it in all silver or one of the mixed metal combinations.

beth jewelry 2 sideways hearts necklace with paperclip style chain

3 Small Hearts Necklace

Perfect for symbolizing mom and her two kids, or her husband and two kids. Plus, it can be customized for more kids, by adding more hearts! This can be ordered in silver, gold-filled or rose gold.

beth jewelry 3 small hearts necklace

Adding 2 hearts to this necklace makes it the perfect gift for that mom of 4!

For the Mom or Grandmother of three, this 3 Tiny Hearts Necklace is a favorite.

Select one in silver, gold-filled, rose gold-filled or a mixed metal option that has a silver chain with hearts in silver, rose and gold.  This one also has an option to "add a heart", to customize it for your mom.  Add one or two more hearts to this delicate heart necklace to make it perfect for her!

beth jewelry dainty 3 tiny sideways hearts necklace

Use the "add a heart" option to customize this one to represent 4 grandkids:

Does you mom like unique, meaningful jewelry?  She may love one of our popular heart necklaces with a unique black-finished chain.

Oxidized 3 Tiny Hearts Necklace

With a cool black chain that has tiny silver beads that really sparkle, this necklace is fast becoming a favorite for cool moms of three.

beth jewelry oxidized black chain 3 tiny sideways hearts necklace

And, this lariat style, Oxidized Sliding Hearts Necklace comes in either silver or gold.

beth jewelry lariat style sliding hearts necklace

All of our necklaces are made to order.  You can select the metal type, the length and in most cases, the number of hearts.  Don't see an option you're looking for?  Please reach out!  Chances are I will be able to make your wishes come true.  Feel free to shoot me an email to discuss your ideas at

See many more options online at

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