Rainbow Jewelry

This handcrafted jewelry collection features all the colors of the rainbow. 

Simple symbols like hearts and flowers are beautiful and meaningful on their own.  But, these whimsical designs are made even more happy with the additional of a pretty mixture of natural gems, beads and stones.  You'll find citrine, carnelian, amethyst, turquoise, quartz and more.  Each piece includes all the colors of the rainbow.  And, each one will be unique!

Rainbows are signs of hope, new beginnings, the promise of good things to come. Whether you're looking to align your Chakras, to symbolize Pride, or just to add bright, colorful jewelry to your collection, you're sure to find the perfect piece!

Each rainbow has seven different colors, each one vibrant and beautiful. It's beauty is due to the variation of colors! Rainbows really send a beautiful message of inclusiveness and cohesion and remind us just how beautiful diversity can be.