The Perfect Earrings to Wear with a Mask

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Even if you're just running into the store for a minute, you're likely putting on a mask.  Do you find that it interferes with your earrings?  The straps seem to get tangled with dangling earrings.  Plus, it isn't a good look for the mask to be flattening your earrings against your neck.

beth kukuk selfie with mask and harvest charm open star post earrings

I've found our new post earrings to be a great solution.  Not only are they super cute, in a 'not too fancy for the grocery store', kind of way, but they are functional, too!

I've got several styles to choose from in my Harvest Charm line:

harvest charm leaf wreath post silver earringsharvest charm silver open star post earringsharvest charm silver wildflower post earringsharvest charm silver open heart post earrings

These new post earrings are perfect for everyday wear!  They're classic and stylish and make you feel put-together without being too fancy.  You'll find these are the perfect accessory for all your most comfortable outfits and they help finish off your look so you're ready for that zoom meeting.  When you're ready to venture out of the house, just grab your mask.  These are the perfect earrings to wear with your mask, too!

Each design was sculpted by hand and cast in sterling silver.  You can find the rest of the Harvest Charm line here with lots of coordinating pieces.

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