Simply Smashing ~ Unique Boutique in Campbell, CA September 17 2018

I have the great pleasure of selling my jewelry to this eclectic boutique in Downtown Campbell.  It is a great coincidence that my son is going to school in San Jose!  It allows me an excuse to pop-in and check out the shop in person every time I'm in the area.  I've really enjoyed getting to know Deb!  Here's a bit about her and Simply Smashing:

Simply Smashing Vibe

1. How long has Simply Smashing been opened?

We opened our brick & mortar business in Downtown Campbell in Nov of 2000.  18 years ago!

2.  What was the motivation behind opening your store?

I originally had a wild idea about a children's clothing catalog, but more in the J. Peterman style. I researched this idea for some time before shelving it. Fast forward a few years...I stumbled upon an entrepreneur who made matching outfits for moms/children/dolls and was looking for a rep to sell her handmade styles at home parties. I soon came to the conclusion that that mobile sales lifestyle was not for me, but decided I could set up a small shop where folks could have their parties and see all of the options displayed nicely - which I did. This led to custom ordering pajama pants/blankets for my daughter's cheer/dance friends and their families, which led to my designing some cute kids' clothing for the line...and it soon became obvious what I really wanted was a unique boutique. It has been an evolution ever since!

Simply Smashing inside of store

3.  When did you start offering Beth Jewelry to your customers?

It was a short time ago, but we have reordered a few times and my customers love the jewelry!

4.  What is the hottest selling item in your store?  (other than my jewelry😉

That's a tough that we sell "something for everyone" (clothing, accessories, home style, vintage home decor, books, gifts, artwork, etc.) it is something of a crap shoot. We have a line of clothing made in Italy which is a favorite. Customers really do appreciate handmade wares (we have a line of guitar pick jewelry that sells very well). And our vintage home style is popular - to name a few.

Simply Smashing Jewelry Counter

5.  What initially attracted you to Beth Jewelry?

I love the simple elegance of the line, and the 100% handmade aspect. I also like that the styles are offered in different metal combinations.

Beth Jewelry Flower Necklace and white blouse

6.  What is the best-selling Beth Jewelry item you offer?

Without going back and crunching numbers, I would say the hearts are a best-seller. I remember saying I wasn't so into the "heart thing," and then, with your encouragement, bringing in heart styles. Boy, were you ever right!   We have customers for each of the styles we've brought in so far and I look forward to the new styles on the way.

Simply Smashing Beth Jewelry Loops Collection

7.  What is something you love about working with Beth Jewelry?

I love the camaraderie - the building of a relationship, and Beth's genuine interest in what works/doesn't work at my boutique.

8.  Describe your shop in 6 words or less.

We specialize in the unexpected!

Simply Smashing Sign

Simply Smashing
241 E Campbell Ave Ste B
Campbell, CA 95008

Monday-Wednesday 12Noonish-6ish
Thursday-Friday 12Noonish-7ish
Saturday 11ish-7ish
Sunday 10ish-5ish
Deb adds:  The "ish" stems from my working my own business 6-7 days a week and needing to allow for a quick errand, etc. The posted hours are what I commit to - so that if we are open outside those ours (which we often are), it is a bonus.

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