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Sometimes I wish the world was all hearts and flowers.   Especially lately!  We seem to be bombarded with bad news these days.  I know that I've found myself taking some extra time to appreciate my family, friends and the life I have.  I hope you can take a moment for a walk on the beach, curling up with a good book, laughing more, lunching with friends...whatever makes you happy or brings you peace!  Grab some cider or a pumpkin latte with someone you love!

Beth Jewelry, #sundaystories

One way I'm making an effort to embrace what's important to me is by introducing "Sunday Stories" on social media, #sundaystories @bethjewelry.  Over the years I've heard so many sweet stories from people who've gotten a heart necklace for themselves or for someone special and what it symbolizes for them.  I'm so touched by all these stories and love hearing that my jewelry has had a special meaning and brought some joy.  I've decided to start sharing these stories!  I hope this will be a way to focus on what's beautiful in our lives. 

I'm starting today with a story of the inspiration for one of my most popular necklaces: the 3 tiny hearts necklace.

3 tiny hearts necklace

My story is simple. I'm a mom of 3 boys. Three very different boys. I love them all!

I created the 3 heart necklace with 3 different metals to represent my 3 sons. One tiny heart in silver, one in gold and one in rose gold all on a delicate sterling silver chain. They are each precious and unique. Each tiny heart is handmade and varies slightly from the others, yet they do resemble each other. The hearts are connected. The boys are too. I love each of them for their own unique qualities. None is superior, just different. (You can see a picture of my boys on Instagram;)

This is what the 3 tiny hearts necklace means to me.

But, I've heard so many other stories about what it symbolizes to others!

Sometimes it is 3 sisters, friends, grandchildren...

sometimes it's mom & 2 kids

or mom, dad & baby...

and sometimes people ask to add another 🖤 to represent their 4 kids! And on and on!

Please check out #sundaystories @bethjewelry to see more stories!

This is one of my most popular necklaces for gifting 🖤🖤🖤 

Beth Jewelry, 3 tiny hearts necklace

The 3 tiny hearts necklace is available in sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled, rose gold-filled or in the silver, gold and rose combination.  It starts at $48.

and then there's the 3 hearts bracelet...

Beth Jewelry, 3 heart bracelet

and the matching earrings;)

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