Best Gifts in Rose Gold

Gift Her Rose Gold This Holiday

Rose Gold jewelry is having a moment in 2022. Its beautiful warm tone offers something unique, a sometimes romantic feel.  These handmade dainty rose gold necklaces and earrings are the perfect gift that's a little bit different.  They're so pretty in the blush, pink color and mixed with sterling silver for a subtle contrast. 

Our handmade jewelry designs feature dainty sideways hearts and many other hand-formed whimsical shapes.  They're super lightweight and so comfortable that she'll want to wear it everyday.

Here's some of our Best Selling Rose Gold Pieces:

beth jewelry rose gold sideways heart necklaces, 2 heart necklace


beth jewelry rose gold handmade twist earrings with freshwater pearl


beth jewelry dainty rose gold and oxidized silver sideways heart necklace and tiny heart earrings


beth jewelry dainty handmade rose gold and silver heart necklace for mom or friends


beth jewelry dainty handmade circle necklace and circle threader earrings in rose gold and silver, mixed metals


beth jewelry sliding hearts necklace in rose gold and sterling silver for mom and 2 kids

Rose Gold jewelry is a wonderful gift for the gal who has a great sense of style and elegance, but also wants something a little out of the box.

There are many more styles in our shop that are available in rose gold options.  Check out the rest of our handmade jewelry here.

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